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 Company Information:

GREENVALE, NY 11548-1301

Telephone: 516 621-3600
Let it ring until answered:
Calls are Dispatched 24 hours/7 days a week to Two Offices and Multiple Radios and Cell Phones.

Facsimile: Our Divisions have their own faxes. Please contact us for the correct telephone number.


Metro New York Service Area:

Greenvale is in the ROSLYN New York area (Nassau County on Long Island) Our Service Personnel live on Long Island and NYC and are Radio, Cellphone and Pager Dispatched 24 Hours a Day.

Service is available within One to Two Hours to surrounding local "North Shore Gold Coast" communities including Greenvale, Roslyn, Roslyn Harbor, Glen Cove, Muttontown, Lattingtown, Glen Head, Bayville, Center Island, Oyster Bay, Brookville, Upper Brookville, Old Wesbury, Sands Point, Port Washington, Plandome, Manhasset, New Hyde Park, Lake Success, Great Neck and Kings Point.

Service is available within Four to Six Hours to NYC and surrounding areas outside the Local area such as South Shore Nassau County, Mid Suffolk County, Larchmont, Eastchester, Westchester, Hackensack NJ and Greenwich CT.

Corporate Overview and History:

We are Charles Hart Industrial, Inc. Originated before 1969 by Charles Hart as a Sole Proprietorship, the company officially started doing business as CharlesHart Industrial in 1972. In 1999, the company was incorporated as Charles Hart Industrial, Inc.


Late 1960's:
We supplied and installed Talk-a-Phone Intercoms and Motorola Car Telephones (manual Mobile Telephones). After the 1968 "Carterphone Decision," private connection of telephone devices was permitted. We pioneered connecting ANSWERING SYSTEMS and RECORDING SYSTEMS to telephone lines and built the TELEPHONE INTERFACES required for their connection. Attorneys and Real Estate firms were some of our early customers for these newly available technologies.

Early 1970's:
We supplied and installed UL Listed Security Systems, Intercom Systems, the "new" IMTS Car Telephones with Rotary Dials (previous car phones used an operator). We started servicing and augmenting existing 1A1 and 1A2 Key Telephone Systems.

Mid 1970's:
We supplied and installed "advanced" Pulsar Car Telephones with Pushbutton Dialing. We pioneered REFRIGERATION & FREEZER ALARMS with REMOTE DIALING for the Waldbaum Food Store chain and also installed advanced store-wide PAGING with TALKBACK, INTERCOM SYSTEMS and MUSIC SYSTEMS. The first FACSIMILE SYSTEMS were the "Quip" rotary spinning units. We pioneered their Commercial deployment for businesses of all types.

Mid to Late 1970's:
We pioneered the TELEPHONE INTERCONNECT BUSINESS by installing some of the first Private Telephone Systems (by TIE Communications). The early 10T & 10TX "Grey Whale" systems were very well received. Later, the Econo-Key Systems were introduced. These systems had a revolutionary new features such as intercoms with OFF-HOOK HANDS-FREE ANSWER BACK and MULTI-LINE CONFERENCING. We could see the future; the TELEPHONE EQUIPMENT business was now ours.

Mid to Late 1970's:
In those days, the phone companies were monopolies and were very resistant to loosing their huge equipment rental revenues. They came up with several ploys to stop their customers from buying privately owned telephone equipment, including forcing customers to rent expensive and unnecessary "STP" Phone-Line Interfaces at hundreds of dollars per month. We fought these anti-competitive and unfair practices for several years and finally got our customers huge refunds. Those were the early days of CONSULTING. We were up at the Public Service Commission (PSC) at the World Trade Center ADVOCATING for our customers on a regular basis. The NYC Director of the PSC was Charlie Kraft, our favorite PSC hearing officer. One week, after several hearings, he said we were his most frequent visitor. We always felt our customers had a right to Quality and Affordable telephone service and, as required, we fought for it.

Early 1980's:
We started installing Data Lines and Equipment with an Edison Pen-Writer used by airlines to remotely dispatch bus transportation for flight crews. We were early on the scene specifying 4-Wire Data Circuits and installing thousands of feet of IBM Twin-Axial Data Cabling... it was one of our specialties back then.

Mid 1980's:
Cellular One and NYNEX started cellular service in the New York Metro Area about 1984. We were there with the first installations of Cellular Telephones for many of our corporate clients who had been waiting patiently for years to get phones in their cars. At that time, we were installing the Motorola 4000x, 2000x Car Telephones and those first giant handheld units, which were fondly known as "Bricks."

United Artists Theaters Eastern Division built their new headquarters and multiplexed their theaters in the mid 1980s, we were there with leading edge Access Controls, custom designed Door Annunciator Systems, and Fire Alarm Systems.

We installed Cat.-5 wring everywhere, loaded Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows 98, setup networks, servers, Digital Telephone Systems, Voicemail Systems, Internet Connectivity, Modems, Broadband Cable Modems, T1s,. DSLs... perhaps you know the story, the age of the Apple IIe was long gone; the internet blossomed and DOT.COM had arrived.

Residential Home Theater and Entertainment came of age with reasonably priced TV Projectors and Music Servers that delivered content as never before available. HD flat screen TVs became the standard. For Businesses and Residences, new C5e cabling standards arrived for the Network that could deliver data to your computer faster. Wireless Access Points (WAPs) allowed seamless roaming with a Laptop throughout the premises, buildings and property. We supplied new computers and upgraded some existing computers to Windows Millennium and then almost all to XP (our favorite for the decade), followed by a limited few to Windows Vista. For business operations, we installed Windows Server 2002, 2003 and then 2008. For phones, Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone connectivity allowed a phone to be plugged into the Internet anywhere, worldwide. We added these VoIP solutions to many existing and new phone systems and further added Telco provided VoIP services to our list of product offerings. High Resolution Color CCTV Cameras and Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) were becoming very affordable, and the DVRs had longer record times as Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Storage capacity dropped in price. The new HDD Serial ATA (SATA) standard made computers’ data access faster, and later, the eSATA standard made them even faster and better than ever. Technology was moving right along, and we were there, with the products and answers, 24/7.

Home Theater Projectors use LED illumination instead of expensive Lamps that burn out. High Definition TVs and Projectors have gone from 1080 HD to 4K Resolution. LED TVs can be 80” and thin, some are curved and some have Wi-Fi & USB Ports. Speakers are wireless using Bluetooth and Music Servers are inexpensive, wireless and controlled by your Smart Phone on your local Wi-Fi. Network Cabling Cat-6 and 6a are the new standards that deliver 10 Gigahertz Data Speeds and Multi Mode Fiber connect buildings so Servers act as if they are located next to each other. Our Email Servers provide connectivity, local and cloud based backups provide security, and our WEB services get you noticed. IP Cameras and NVRs (Network Video Recorders) provide inexpensive multi-location Video Surveillance and VoIP Telephone Systems connect Chains of Stores Together on a single system, with Smart Phone APPs that tie it all together at the touch of a button. Ask Charles Hart Industrial, Inc. to provide communications for you now and for the future.

Call us 24/7 to discuss the upgrades and changes that will make your Business run better and make your Residential communications and entertainment complete.

Consulting and Technology are the backbone of our services; and our commitment to customer satisfaction are our watchwords.

Our customers will tell the story best... we're here for the long haul and we look forward to doing business with you… call us now at 516 621-3600.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve.
Sincerely, all of us at Charles Hart Industrial, Inc.

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